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List of banned users

Postby hyperdeath » Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:54 pm

  1. CFLarsen: Persistently annoying, despite warnings. Eventually banned for starting a thread asking weaselly questions about Rebecca Watson rape threats.
  2. Liberallabrador: Persistently at the center of acrimony. Eventually banned for whining about being oppressed by Fascist moderators and spoiled little girls.
  3. dffhdh: Did nothing besides repeatedly posting large quantities of gibberish to a thread.
  4. Galadriel: First post was a duplication of someone else's post, with an antisemitic comment tacked onto the end. Second (and final) post was a jibe about "retard"s.
  5. shellymelly: Raged against straw feminists and compared them to Pol Pot.
  6. thugsforatheism: Steadfastly defended the claim that vitriolic schizoid feminism (i.e. feminism) was a mental illness.
  7. rodritoni: MRA whiner, who persisted despite being warned.
  8. DarthSutekh: Cruelly persecuted martyr for the straight white males. Returned as a sockpuppet (Sisuei Matnaggewinu).
  9. Rum: (same at the Rationalia forum) Obsessive hater of all things feminist. Eventually banned for responding to moderator requests with abusive personal messages. Returned as Pinhead where he was banned for giving unwanted toughen-up advice in the support forum, and persisting despite being told to go away. Returned yet again as KatieJ.
  10. oetry: Numerous abusive posts, culminating in "suck my cock you stupid cunt whore".
  11. Pacoti: MRA, who did very little but whine about how ghastly this forum is. Eventually banned for tone trolling a rape survivor.
  12. TheGillotine: Slimy MRA. Eventually banned for sending abusive personal messages.
  13. joseph.a: Reposted MRA drivel, after it was removed the first time.
  14. edtastic: Persisted in derailing and victim blaming, despite being warned.
  15. irdolan: MRA who wouldn't stop moaning about feminism. Returned as sockpuppet (irdolan2).
  16. empathnegative: Self described dissident who bravely claimed that A+ put emotion before reason.
  17. PoodieCore: A raving MRA. Eventually banned for this charming example of victim blaming. Briefly returned as AlterSpalter where he blatantly admitted to trolling.
  18. Vlad Mateescu (AKA Nemesis): Evil and obsessive troll, who has posted (and been banned) as EndToPatriarchy, Seymour Glass, Adriesta, and several others. He repeatedly taunted a rape survivor, with the aim of triggering her post traumatic stress disorder and sent triggering photos to other users via PM.
  19. BennyOcean: Repeated trolling, derailing, mansplaining, ignoring moderator warnings, and violation of Wheaton's Law.
  20. devogue: (same at Rationalia) Self confessed troll, who was eventually banned for mocking someone complaining about creepy behaviour.
  21. Greyfeld: Yet another toxic MRA. Banned for hyperskepticism, derailing, mansplaining and rape apologism.
  22. Shantanu: Promoted his creepy theory of full and free marriages, and became increasing creepy as the conversation proceeded.
  23. Valuelife: Lectured women on what they should and shouldn't be unnerved by, despite warnings.
  24. Dude of Hagith: Insisted on sharing his supposed wisdom about rape and rape statistics. He was told to do some background reading first, but doubled-down instead.
  25. Elfoxoloco: Somewhat pathetic individual, who believed he was achieving great things by posting vast numbers of pornographic images from multiple accounts.
  26. Andre: MRA who wouldn't stop whining about "male abortions", and became abusive after moderator warnings.
  27. Skep tickle: Bad-faith argumentation followed by obvious trolling.
  28. Drewish: (same at Rationalia) Racist who posted a swastika as a "joke". Also runs a site dedicated to mocking Atheism+.
  29. MattDillahunty: Running a social experiment on the membership, by posting via the sockpuppet Curious.
  30. SkepticalLiberal: Warned for repeatedly misrepresenting others, to make weaselly "gotcha" arguments. Banned for doing it again.
  31. Nicko: Sending an abusive personal message.
  32. Ramrod: (Ian at Rationalia) Attempted to use the forum pick up women. Became abusive when told to stop. See also sockpuppet Scotty Palmer.
  33. iolas: Sending an abusive personal message.
  34. SquirllyNuts: MRA, who when asked to justify his outlandish claims doubled-down instead. (Joined by sockpuppet Jenna Talia.)
  35. KaineDamo: Evidently hated the forum, and never lost an opportunity to tell everyone.
  36. iolas: Temporarily banned for arrogantly dismissing people's disabilities. Permanently banned for sending an abusive email.
  37. Olivier: Trolling and then doubling down when told to stop.
  38. Potential rapist: The clue is in the name.
  39. Tank: (CJ at Rationalia) Alias of a stalker whom even Rationalia got rid of. He didn't actually do anything wrong here, but a preemptive ban was recommended by those who had previously interacted with him.
  40. Mad Dilla Huntter: Victim blamer and racist.
  41. PetraPenmark: Droned on and on and on and on about the evils of feminism.
  42. NickLulzon123: Either trolling or a particularly vapid proponent of evolutionary psychology.
  43. EvolutionisJunk: Homophobic troll.
  44. Shoguneagle: By own request.
  45. Gloves: Disregarding warnings and continuing problematic derailing behavior after returning from a temp ban.
  46. Hello10: Derailing, equating circumcision with rape, throwing a temper tantrum when told not to do so. (Obvious troll is obvious.)
  47. Westprog: Dreary whiner, who gradually outwore his welcome, before blowing it entirely.
  48. Omni314: Joined only to complain.
  49. liquorice: By request.
  50. Luccas: Flounced with an "I hate you all!" style rant.
  51. Crystalis: Droned on and on and on about the tragic injustice of businesses having to accommodate disabled people.
  52. Sanshou: Part of a gang who came over from Talk Rational. Given the benefit of the doubt, but quickly burned it away.
  53. Doesirequu: Introduced himself by attempting to pick up women.
  54. tysixtus: Blah blah you're all fascists blah.
  55. OMSKI+: Introduced himself with a spittle flecked rant about women dressing "like whores".
  56. rEvolutionist: Part of a gang who came over from Talk Rational. Given the benefit of the doubt, but quickly burned it away.
  57. mac_philo: Part of a gang who came over from Talk Rational. Given the benefit of the doubt, but quickly burned it away.
  58. none: douchebaggery and incessant talking about animal sex and genitalia no matter the appropriateness of the time or place.
  59. Buroman: spittle-flecked abuse and threats mixed with proselytising, an unusual combination for a first post here… but most unwise.
  60. Fagatron: outrageous, disgusting racism and homophobia.
  61. Corke: Part of a gang from Rational Skepticism. Blatantly trolled here (at one point claiming to be a creationist), while reporting on his "progress" over there.
  62. Zampano: Incessantly lawyering his way around answering direct questions across multiple multi-page threads despite repeated warnings to stop.
  63. Callie: Using a sock-puppet to advocate that forum members kill themselves.
  64. Dennis Markuze (AKA David Mabus): Researcher into the works of Michel Nostradamus, and their relation to the modern atheist and skeptic movements. Certain issues arose, however, concerning his method of presenting his research findings. Returned as maxstirner
  65. kalink: Asked to be banned. Obliged.
  66. derp cameron: Sexually explicit avatar, misogynistic signature, and wildly abusive first post. What's not to like?
  67. TestyCalibrate: Part of a gang who came over from Talk Rational. Given the benefit of the doubt, but quickly burned it away.
  68. Witch Brew/witchreborn: Initially given a week off for transmisogyny, made permanent when they created a sock for the purpose of posting the same thing again.
  69. God is real: Blatant troll.
  70. womble: Given a day off after ignoring moderator warnings for being flippant and dismissive about use of gender pronouns, returned to grace the forums with this shining example of sexism Also came back with a sockpuppet.
  71. Cuddugan2k2:"I don't see color" racist bullshit followed by doubling down after a temporary ban
  72. Carmilla: For spending their 4th post on a spectacularly abusive flounce in which they speculated that a mod would orgasm over banning them. They were wrong. :(
  73. UnbelieveSteve: For cramming more ableism into a single post than one would think possible.
  74. Joz: Being invalidating, dismissive, and insulting. Failure to respect the "don't be an asshole" rule.
  75. Grockle: Arguing that pedophilia should be legal.
  76. julian: not a troll, but behaved like an ass, and after asking to be banned, immediately returned with an ill-concealed second account.
  77. Brother Edward: Troll looking to spam their startup franchise religion with charming behaviours like refusal to abide by the forum rules.
  78. Subterfuge: Done trolled xie's last troll.
  79. Turkman181: Posted triggering material, trolling, and Just Asking Questions posts that made this user's mission pretty clear.
  80. Dick-Bomney - strawfeminist troll
  81. Brooksey - calling posts "worthless" & sundry other trolling
  82. uncleadam - sending harassing PMs
  83. Robitussin - Sexism and dehumanization apologia
  84. GentlemanJack - repeated passive-aggressive derailing
  85. AnimalAndy* - MRA/Anti-feminist apologia, forum warring
  86. Xenoith* - MRA/Anti-feminist apologia, forum warring
  87. Swift Wind* - MRA/Anti-feminist apologia, forum warring
  88. Alexis* - MRA/Anti-feminist apologia, forum warring
  89. cobrix* - MRA/Anti-feminist apologia, forum warring
  90. JamesHuff* - MRA/Anti-feminist apologia, forum warring
  91. jack144* - MRA/Anti-feminist apologia, forum warring
  92. SeattleMRA* - MRA/Anti-feminist apologia, forum warring
  93. D-JHappyMeal* - MRA/Anti-feminist apologia, forum warring
  94. Vwyx* - MRA/Anti-feminist apologia, forum warring
  95. Xylogenesis - gaslighting, MRA asshattery, flouncing
  96. Sheldon - racism.
  97. Dawkins' rottweiler - Obvious troll was obvious
  98. VACT-0002 - ableism, doubling down, and continuing to be an ableist jackass.
  99. kitsy - Issuing implied threats, dishonest argumentation
  100. Justinvacula - antifeminism, being here for dishonest purposes, being Justin Vacula
  101. Jailbait - Inappropriate name
  102. Rocko2466 - Trolling, calling the concept of patriarchy a conspiracy theory, being a mouthpiece for Justin Vacula
  103. angelica - sockpuppet of Skep Tickle
  104. quarkgluonplasma - banned at user request
  105. Glob the Funct - persistent refusal to engage honestly
  106. investigator - harassing user on a different site, ignoring our rules.
  107. senatorpooptickler - likening A+ to religion, trolling
  108. SkepticalJay - baiting, refusing to disengage after mod warning, and victim blaming
  109. recursive prophet - trolling, arguing that PM boundaries shouldn't exist
  110. ihat3hip5ters - trolling, inappropriate username
  111. kbonn - dismissing rape culture, shit-stirring, doubling down
  112. marinerachel - consistently sniping at a user
  113. albionmyway - white supremacy, racism, trolling
  114. Tsukasa Buddha - repeated trolling, being here dishonestly
  115. Grockel - vile troll who, among other things, promoted pedophilia.
  116. Christo930 - repeated refusal to argue honestly.
  117. Hamilton - refused to believe that "don't be an ass" applied to xir.
  118. Scotty Palmer - banned for being a sock-puppet of Ramrod.
  119. woody68 - persistently spamming youtube videos without ever once trying to follow the video posting guidelines.
  120. ipwnchristians - trolling to post highly original and productive posts like this one.
  121. Atavistic - persistent homophobic messages, which are unwelcome here.
  122. Mistermack - (same at Rationalia) 5 official warnings followed by reverse racism bullshit
  123. GaryM - woody68s sockpuppet
  124. LJE745 - got a weeklong ban for trying to rules-lawyer, and not even six hours after the ban came down, decided to try evading that ban by creating a sockpuppet, Mark45 ETA: And Alice A Walton and BillHamp. More to come, I'm sure.
  125. enochian - Buddhist troll. Yawn.
  126. pogsurf - signed up to proxy stalk PZ, when HE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE!
  127. AmirTut - 'splaining the wage gap, sending unsolicited PMs, lying low for a bit, and returning with ableism, doubling down, annnnd after the ban for that wore out, equating pet cats to black slaves.
  128. TransHumanist - Very first post racism. Also returned to sockpuppet with even more blatant racism as AtheistHumanist.
  129. OrdinaryClay - Religious troll. Showed enthusiasm about the fact that human beings were losing their reproductive rights in this thread.
  130. slpl - Racist troll. First post did not make it past mod approval. IP associated with trolling elsewhere, so we nipped it in the bud.
  131. Marsha - Actions within this thread (including selectively ignoring questions), and blatant racist apologia ("no proof of racism") within this thread.
  132. chainbreaker - First spammed bizzare and racist posts, and after a week vacation, returned with the tired old "political correctness is a religion" bullshit here.
  133. Badgrammar - Spammed a series of derailing and incoherent posts. When called on their derailing, xe complained in the mods thread. When called on that, xe deleted hir posts, flounced and then saw fit to send a vague threat to admins by the email form. Mods helped hir stick the flounce, as threats are not tolerated here.
  134. SkinPrules - first post was egregious fat-shaming and trolling. Mods decided to nip it in the bud.
  135. Quackerilla/Settra/Linqi - sockpuppetry, attempting to avoid moderation.
  136. jet_lagg - Began with 'if you want this image blurred, you must want all kinds of censorship' , and ran alllll the way through until 'I'm just comparing heinous sexual assault of children to a harmless, consensual medical exam' and lastly ignored moderator warnings to stop trivializing.
  137. Jack Frost/Snowpirate - Trolling, sockpuppetry
  138. Hitchens - Drive-by trolling.
  139. Sombrero - Drive-by trolling.
  140. Atheist Pedophile - Enough said.
  141. Recal - Drive-by trolling
  142. jett_lagg - Trivializing child abuse, comparing rape victims to dead bodies
  143. Exi5tentialist - (same at Rationalia) Engaged in a pattern of show up, stir the pot a bit with dishonest argumentation including the substitution of snark for argument, derailing threads and getting upset that people wanted to talk about the original subject, and characterizing heated argument with him as aggression, disappear for a few months, repeat. Banned because he seemed to have zero interest in engaging honestly, he was driving other members from threads they wanted to participate in, and his entry into a thread had a tendency to kill productive discussion.
  144. Confussed - MRA full of rape apologia. Mods have seen his type many times before (see most other names on this list) and chose not to prolong the inevitable.
  145. Whateverist - By self request. We happily agreed.
  146. ImmortalGuidance - Blatant refusal to abide by or even read the rules on their first post. From experience, we know that such users typically flame-out within their first half-dozen posts, and mods decided it would be a waste of both their time and ours for them to retain posting privileges.
  147. Gnostic Bishop - Repeated ableism in the course of probably being a troll anyway.
  148. TheThinkingMan - Broke our video posting and trigger warning rules; derailed; engaged in JAQing and forum warring.
  149. robert04330 - spammy posting style gave them away: unwholesome habits elsewhere
  150. MHWitchfinder - forum warring
  151. Laurelai - Attempting to import a feud from elsewhere. See modnote.
  152. Cygnus Arcana - Attempting to import a feud from elsewhere. See modnote.
  153. AttonRisk - Their posts resembled spam, see modnote for details.
  154. BerserkrRage93 - Posting fatshaming and sexist stuff, linking to more such, attempting to use the forum for picking up female customers for personal training, see modnote for links and more details.

* = Batch ban of MRAs who registered at the same time
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